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Verti-Scape Escape Chute

"Verti-Scape", The Vertical Escape Chute is a device which aids in the mass and rapid evacuation of people from high structures, where one chute is capable of evacuating some 375 evacuees from a high rise building in 15 to 20 minutes.

Where possible Escape Chute Systems recommend the use standard stairwells, and offer the escape chute as an alternative means of emergency egress, However should the stairwell be blocked, or full of smoke, then a fast and efficient allternative means of emergency evacuation are Escape Chutes.

The escape chute can be used by people with disabilities and after a little training blind people are more than capable of using the chute, It is also possible for a person to enter the chute, and then have a injured second person placed upon their shoulders, to assist the second person to evacuate.

The Escape Chute can be installed onto most structures, and only requires a clear drop from the evacuation point to ground level.

The Vertical Escape Chute when deployed runs parallel with the side of the structure from which it was deployed, and can used immediately after deployment.

As you travel through the escape chute you can look up, and down, no smoke can enter the chute.

To exit; your feet will touch the ground, you then crouch and extract your body from the chute and walk away.

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