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Emergency Evacuation from either the 2nd,3rd or 4th Floors.
Just Lock the class room door.
And evacuate the whole class in under 4 Minutes

Escape System is to be located against a wall directly blow an openable widow.

1: Lift & Remove Cover

2: Lift and swing chute platform
   out through widow.
   Then lower access steps.

3: Release plastic
   chute release clip.

Usage Limitations?

The use of an escape chute is both a mental and physical action.

In that the user has to know that they
MUST apply pressure to the interior wall to stop them falling through.

They MUST also have the physical strength to apply that pressure to the interior wall of the chute.
Our experience has shown that 6 year olds are the youngest to be allowed to use the chute on their own.
However we have seen large 4-5 year olds that had the strength and understanding to use the chute.
And visa versa 7 & 8 year olds that did not have the size and strength to use the chute on their own had problems in using the chute.
This dose not stop the child from using the chute, all an adult has to do is twist up the exit point of the chute, and hold on until the child reaches them, then undo the chute and the child pops out!
Unharmed, a little frighted may be, but UNHARMED.

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