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When installing a multi-entry escape chute, a hole is cut in the floor, this then allows a steel plate to afixed over that hole.

The Steel place is manuctured so that the escape chute is inserted through it, up to the point where the chute reating ring because of it's large diameter can not fit throught the chute plate hole.

The length of the chute is equal that of the floor height (Concrete Floor to Concrete Floor) plus an extra ammount which enables the chute user to access the start of the chute on the floor below.

The vast majority of Vertical Escape Chute applications to date are described as a "Single Entry" system, this is where you have just one escape chute, that has only one entry point.

But in the case of a Multi-Entry Systems, instead of the chute going from the roof to ground level as a one piece chute, we have  chute equal to the height of each floor, where we insert a chute into the floor, this then sends the evacuee through to the floor below, and directly into the chute starting from the floor below, this is then repeated on all floors until ground level, or the designated exit point.

Entry into the chute, which has a chute feeding into it from the floor above, is just a mater of gripping the upper chute and entering the chute beside the one coming from above.

It's a similar case to a vehicle wishing to join the main stream  traffic from a side road, the lower evacuees wishing to enter the system have to wait until there is a suitable gap between evacuees descending from the floors above.

Escape Chute Systems recomends the use of "Fire Marshals" one for each floor and One Chief Marshal, directing the whole evacuation.

Multi-Entry chutes can be installed, both inside and outside of the building, see METS page; Multi-Entry-Tube-System.

Requiring a floor space of 1 X 2 Meters (39" X 78"), and the same clear space on each floor directly below.

There are no mechanical devices used to deploy chutes, they are permanently in the deployed position, it is just a case of opening the emergency chute door, taking two of three steps forward, crouching down and placing you lower legs into the chute, then push your body forward to enter the chute system.

Multi-Entry systems have no limit as to the height they can go, as each chute will only be equal to the height of each floor, somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 meters  11'6'' and 14'8", so they can be installed on each floor level for the total height of the building.

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