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Escape Chute Systems design and manufacture Mass and Rapid Emergency Evacuation Systems for: -

  •   Government Buildings

  •   Petro Chemical Plants

  •   Personal Safety

  •   Schools

  •   Aged Care Homes

  •   Fire Rescue Departments

  •   Rescue Organizations

  •   High Rise Buildings

  •   Embassies

  •   Mining Equipment

  •   Air & Seaway Traffic Control Towers

  •   Banks

  •   General Industry  Cranes, Repair Towers etc

  •   Hospitals

And any other structure where a human being can be trapped with no alternative means of emergency evacuation.

Escape Chutes can be used from most high areas, where there is a possibility of being trapped by fire, terrorism, criminal attack, or industrial accident, that could result in the lose of life or serious injury due to no alternative means of emergency egress being available.

Escape Chute System believe that the standard means of emergency egress (the internal stairway) should always be the used to egress the building in a emergency, however if that means of egress is impassable what then?

Initially developed in the Sixties and Early Seventies by Gerard Zephinie (Vertical Escape Chute) and The Uyeda Escape Chutes of Japan (Spiral and Inclined Escape Chute),  Escape Chutes today are becoming an accepted alterative means of emergency evacuation from high rise buildings and industrial plant.

Escape Chutes are now available in various formats, that allow evacuees to descend vertically down as in our "Verti-Scape" Escape Chute, or you can slide down at an incline as in our "Slide-Scape" both are a proven methods of emergency evacuation.

There are other formats of Escape Chutes on the market, which include a inclined nylon netting type, a inclined chute with spring reinforcement, and there are chutes that are vertical, where the user travels down in a internal spiral, and as a result of public knowledge knowing that the consequences of not having an alternative method of emergency egress, there are more concepts and designs of systems being placed on the open market.

All escape chutes are an effective alternative method of evacuating a high location when all other means of emergency egress are blocked, the alternative to this alternative dose not bare thinking about, Just one Escape Chute can evacuate at the rate of 25 people per minute, Or have 360 persons at ground level in 15 minutes, irrespective to the height.

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